Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts

Enjoy outdoor fitness events in east-central Nevada

White Pine County High School

May 16, 2015 at 10:00 am


 $30 for ages 11 and up

$20 for children 5 to 10

Kids 4 and under are FREE!

Teams of 4+ get $5 off/person. 

This year you can create adult and children mixed teams! 

Same Day Registration starts at 8:30am

All ages are welcome with parental consent.

Go to 'Registration' tab above to sign up today!

We will not be providing T-shirts this year.  Wear your whitest clothes!

We plan on practicing with our timing system, but we have been having some technical issues.  We will not know until morning of the event whether there will be timing.   And there will be no timing if it is raining.

Q & A

1.  What is the color powder? Is it safe?

Yes, the color powder is colored corn starch and it is non-toxic and environmentally safe.  However, be aware, it may irritate your eyes.  Wearing eye protection, sunglasses will work fine, is highly recommended

2. What do I need to do?

Wear your whitest clothing and run or walk the 5K.  By the end you will be a colored canvas.  If by the end you still are not colorful, there will be a color explosion and everyone will douse each other in color!

3. Will the colored powder stain my clothing?

It might, if you wait too long to wash your clothing.  I suggest wearing something you don't mind getting stained.  We will not be held responsible for ruined clothing!

3. Is this race timed?

No, this race is not timed.  However, this year we will be practicing using our chip timing system and you can be timed if you so choose.  Please stay posted for details. 

4.  Can I bring a pet?

No pets allowed in this event.

5.  What is the age limit:

There is no age limit, however be aware that colored powder could irritate little eyes or young lungs.  Kids in a stroller are free, $20 for children 10 and under, $30 for ages 11 and up.  Kids can only participate with parent's consent. 

6.  Is the race refundable?


7.  What if it rains, or possibly snows?

The race will continue rain, snow or shine.  Depending on the conditions, the start might be delayed.